June 2023

Saturday 3rd June – 3 swift, 6 swallow, reed warbler, pied wagtail, up to a dozen marsh orchid. Simon – wall brown (1st for 3 years), 1 brent goose on salt marsh.

Thursday 1st June – common sandpiper, 3 swift, little egret..

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May 2023

Wednesday 31st MaySimon2 black tern, 6 arctic tern, 1 sandwich tern east, barn owl, grasshopper warbler

Tuesday 30th May – Simon – Male gadwall on river, kittiwake east, 3 arctic and 2 common tern on shoreline at low tide, grasshopper warbler.

Sunday 28th MaySimongrasshopper warbler in scrub between main stray and white lighthouse.

Wednesday 24th May – cetti’s warbler, yellow wagtail, cuckoo. First emergence of dragonflies on pond including: blue-tailed, azure and common blue damselflies, 4 spot chaser and a common blue butterfly. Grass snake crossing path at entrance to pond car park.

Sunday 21st May – cuckoo, AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVER reported early mornoing for 3rd day

Saturday 20th MayAMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVER again on main stray from 07:15 until at least 10:30 during morning high tide, 6 grey plover, male eider on river, 3 swift, 37 brent goose. Cuckoo

Friday 19th May – AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVER on main stray during morning high tide

Green veined white and female orange tip

Thursday 18th May – 42 brent geese still on the salt marsh, 2 whimbrel, a greenshank near the hide, yellow wagtail, cuckoo, Cetti’s warbler and at least 2 lesser whitethroats. Along the strays at least 16 singing reed warbler and 10 singing sedge warblers. Also the first 2 painted lady of the year.

Tuesday 16th May – Quiet with 2 lesser whitethroats, a flock of 40+ ringed plovers and a spitfire over the strays

Friday 12th May – 1 sandmartin, 3 swallow, 2 brent goose, 1 barnacle goose east.

Thursday 11th May – Lesser whitethroat near the pond, a single wheatear again, a flock of 40+ ringed plovers, 2 brent geese, good views of a cuckoo and a pair of gadwall over the strays.

Wednesday 10 May – wheatear, song thrush, c.10 swallow, 3 common sandpiper, 3 buzzard, marsh harrier, lesser whitethroat. On main stray: 6 bar-tailed godwit, 9 grey plover, 50+ ringed plover, c. 200 dunlin, 2 whimbrel, yellow wagtail over. Cettis and cuckoo calling near B&B. Orange tip, tortoiseshell, red admiral and peacock butterflies.

Tuesday 9th May – 6 swallow, wheatear, 2 buzzard,140 bat-tailed godwit, 2 brent goose, 6 swallow, house martin. Butterflies included: orange tip, red admiral, peacock and green veined white.

Monday 8th May – Single wheatear, 140+ bar tailed godwits, 100+ grey plovers, single lapwing and turnstone, 3 lingering brent geese, a marsh harrier over the strays, 2 common swifts and 2 Arctic terns east. On the far side of the strays, lesser whitethroat, yellow wagtail and calling Cetti’s warbler.

Saturday 6th May – 2 common sandpiper, 2 wheatear, 10 brent goose, 3 mute swan, 2 lapwing, wigeon, barn owl and canada goose on south side near Skitter, cuckoo, 2 teal.

Friday 5th May – Osprey west, c.90 brent goose, 7 common sandpiper, 2 wheatear, 1 little tern, 4 common tern, 3 arctic tern, all heading west. grey plover, golden plover, lesser whitethroat, 3 swallow.

Thursday 4th May – 1 common sandpiper, 10 bar-tailed godwit, 8 sanderling, whimbrel, 2 yellow wagtail, 3 wheatear, 34 brent goose, 3 common tern, large flock of waders on shoreling including: dunlin, ringed plover, oysetrcatcher, grey plover and 1 knot. 2 lesser whitethroat, good numbers of common whitethroat, 14 house martin, 4 swift, 5 swallow, sedge, reed and cettis warblers, cuckoo.

Wednesday 3rd May38 brent goose, 2 wheatear, good numbers of whimbrel, 2 yellow wagtail, marsh harrier on south side, 7 teal, grasshopper warbler stll in small reedbed on strays opposite B&B, cettis warbler, 10 reed warbler, 8 sedge warcler, cuckoo, 2 lesser whitethroat, good numbers of common whitethroat, 7 buzzard, 2 sparrowhawk, swift, grey heron, blackcap, chiff chaff

Monday 1st MayGrasshopper warbler calling in reeds on stray side of flood bank, opposite B&B. Cettis warbler, reed warbeler, sedge warbler, willow warbler, chiffchaff, common whitethroat, lesser whitethroat, blackcap. From lighthouses; Yellow wagtail over, 4 swallow, 1 swift, 2 wheatear, 3 grey plover, 4 ringed plover, 2 dunlin, 2 common scoter, 2 wigeon, teal, 8 buzzard. 3 whimbrel. Brimstone & peacock butterflies.

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April 2023

Sunday 30th April – Calling lesser whitethroat, many common whitethroats now present, good numbers of whimbrels, 2 common sandpiper, 2 wheatear, 4 common swifts low over the river east, a flock of 7 bar tailed godwits. Opposite Paull Holme Farm a grasshopper warbler reeling from the small reedbed on the strays.

Thursday 28th April – c. 6 common whitethroat, 3 common sandpiper near white lighthouse (record shot of two below), fieldfare near church, whimbrel, grey heron, marsh harrier south side, small flocks of tern west over humber 7, 12, 6, 2 (probably arctic), buzzard (including 7 together in a thermal over farm). 4 yellow wagtail, 2 sand martin, several sedge warbler, 3 reed warbler, swallow, 2 mistle thrush, 2 cettis warbler, house martin, lesser whitethroat. Brimstone butterfly.

Wednesday 26th April – 4 common whitethroat, 4 pink-footed goose, 10 brent goose, 2 canada goose, 1 greylag. Several willow warblers, 2 + 1 common scoter on river, barn owl on south side, 3-4 yellow wagtail, 4 buzzard, 2 whimbrel, wheatear near white lighthouse, c.4 sedge warbler, 2 cettis calling again; at car park pond and B&B scrape, lesser whitethroat near B&B, sparrowhawk and occasional swallow. 2 house martin over village.

Tuesday 25th April – whimbrel, wheatear, several swallows, 1st common whitethroat of the year, 2 lesser whitethroat, willow warbler, yellow wagtail, turnstone, 3 buzzard, greater-spotted woodpecker, several blackcap, red legged partridge, 2 house martin. Pond area: cuckoo, sedge warbler, cettis warbler (in addition to one calling by B&B scrape so first definite record of two separate birds for Paul & I)

Sunday 23rd AprilGREEN WOODPECKER calling near Paull Holme B&B: 1st reserve record for Paul & I. Lesser whitethroat, brambling, siskin and mistle thrush in same area. Willow warbler, coal tit, blackcap & chiffchaff along main car park track. Paddock resident Buzzard, sparrowhawk. 24 black-tailed godwit, 4 tern sp. distant over river, whimbrel, 3 swallow and 1 yellow wagtail over.

Saturday 22nd April – A swallow over, good views of a hunting marsh harrier, 2 avocets west, 2 whimbrel, a small flock of bar tailed godwits included birds in full summer plumage, 3 drake gadwall on the river, a flock of 32 curlew over, a flock of 10 brent geese and good numbers of grey plover.

Thursday 20th April – Odd swallow over, at least 6 sedge warblers singing, Cetti’s calling, a cuckoo heard and seen, from the hide 21 brent geese, 50+ bar tailed godwit, 40+ grey plover and 2 green sandpipers seen a couple of times. The paddock buzzard still present, several peakcock butterflies and at the BP end of Hedon Haven a calling lesser whitethroat.

Wednesday 19th April – wheatear, 2 black tailed godwit, 1 bar-tailed godwit, sparrowhawk, siskin over, 2 swallows, 2 singing willow warblers, at least 3 sedge warblers, Cetti’s still present and a calling cuckoo.

Monday 17th April – blackcap, 2 whimbrel, brambling over, c.100 pink footed goose, 15 brent goose, 2 wheatear, 30 grey plover, 4 buzzard, 2 little egret, 3 wigeon, 3 teal, 3 sedge warbler and cettis warbler B&B scrape, cuckoo. Lesser whitethroat and yellowhammer in scrub opposite chemical works at Hedon Haven. Simon – 14 arctic terns on river early morning. Butterflies: tortoishell, peacock, small white and green veined white.

Sunday 16th April – whimbrel, 2 swallow, yellow hammer, c.300 pink footed goose, sparrowhawk, buzzard in paddock.

Friday 14 April – 2 blackcap singing in woods, pied wagtail, greenshank calling on main stray, whimbrel from white lighthouse, common scoter, large flock of pink footed geese east over marsh, 2 Mediterranean gull, arctic tern, 3 brambling over, mute swan, 5 buzzard, 2 little egret, siskin over, gold crest. From Simon – willow warbler near fort and 2 sedge warblers near B&B

Tuesday 11th April – Around 250 pink feet geese still on the salt marsh, 2 red legged partridge near the lighthouse, 2 sand martin, singing blackcap and close views of an escaped gyr falcon, landing briefly on the flood bank before flying towards Fort Paull.

Monday 10th April – A flock of 36 grey plovers, 2 bar tailed godwits, 4 lapwing and a flock of 10 brent geese on the edge of the river.

Saturday 8th April sand martin briefly over fort woods then headed north, cettis warbler at B&B, buzzard, sparrowhawk, little egret, peacock butterfly.

Friday 7th April – Grey heron, marsh harrier, the barn owl across the river, a flock of 300+ bar tailed godwits, 600 + pink feet geese, on the far side of the strays 2 tree sparrows, cettis warbler, buzzard and a small tortoiseshell.

Thursday 6th April – from Simon – black redstart between stables aand drain

Wednesday 5th April – c.200 pink-footed goose, 2 avocet, buzzard, pied wagtail. Porpoise

Monday 3rd April – 5 buzzards together over farm woods and 2 single birds, sparrowhawk, cetti’s warbler. 2 tortoiseshell butterflies.

Sunday 2nd April – Marsh harrier, 4 chiffchaff, 3 buzzard, barn owl south side, 10 avocet and a black redstart Hedon Haven.

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March 2023

Monday 27th March – coal tit, 4 chiff chaff, 2 greater spotted woodpecker, 4 buzzard south side.

Sunday 26th March – yellow hammer, 2 chiff chaff, 3 common scoter, 2 buzzard, siskin over.

Friday 24th March – 4 shoveler, marsh harrier on south side, bar tailed and black tailed godwit, sparrowhawk.

Monday 20th March – 2 singing chiffchaffs, 110 bar tailed godwits east along the river, 8 turnstone, 400+ pink feet geese still on the strays, also a flock of 12 brent geese and a flock of 21 white front geese over. Also 10 avocets on the strays and a barn owl hunting along the flood bank.

Sunday 19th March – 3 chiffchaff, c.700 pink footed goose, 8 buzzard (4 on south side, 3 north side and paddock resident), barn owl and marsh harrier on south side of river, sparrowhawk.

Saturday 18th March – Singing chiffchaff, a coal tit, the pink feet flock still present, barn owl across the river, 26 redwing over, also 6 redwing and the buzzard in the paddock area. A minimum of 4 porpoise feeding off the lighthouse area.

Friday 17th March –17 redwings over, 26 whooper swans on the river but distant, 2 avocets east, another 36 whooper swans over the lighthouse, Cetti’s warbler calling neat the farm, 3 stonechats and a pair of mistle thrush.

Saturday 11th March – 4 marsh harrier, including 3 together over humber bridge flying north east, sparrowhawk, kestrel, barn owl on south side near Skitter, 3 buzzards including paddock resident, 1000+ pink footed goose west, 6 redwing in paddock. Grey seal.

Monday 6th March – 8 male pintail flying east, 4 lesser black-backed gull, 2 scoter, siskin over. Grey seal eating a cod.

Friday 3rd March – 2 marsh harrier, sparrowhawk, kestrel, 4 buzzard, including the paddock resident. 2 song thrush, 2 redwing. Cettis warbler singing near farm and little owl perched on the fort Paull Blackburn Beverley. 100+ avocet on Hedon Haven.

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February 2023

Sunday 26th February barn owl, buzzard and marsh harrier on south side of river, song thrush and chiffchaff in woods, 9 turnstone, black-tailed godwit, 2nd buzzard high over woods.

Friday 24th February – buzzard in paddock, 6 redwing, sparrowhawk, 3 bar-tailed godwit, grey heron.

Monday 20th February – buzzard, coal tit and c.20 redwing around paddock. Marsh harrier over starys

Sunday 19th Februarywater rail in ditch opposite riding school, bullfinch, 14 avocet, 15 grey plover

Saturday 18th February – grey wagtail, 3 pintail (2 male, 1 female), marsh harrier, buzzard in paddock

Monday 13th February – 2 marsh harrier, peregrine, 2 grey heron. Lesser black-backed gull. 27 redwing and buzzard in paddock

Sunday 12th February – 3 goldcrest in woods, singing song thrush, 2 marsh harrier, 5 turnstone

Friday 10th February – 2 stonechat near lighthouses, 3 marsh harrier, 1000+ pink footed goose

Sunday 5th February – 10 corn bunting and 2 yellowhammer near hide, 3 red legged partridge, several skylarks singing, 2 little egret, grey plover, 6 goldeneye on river, 2 marsh harrier and 2 hares. Thousands of pink footed geese flying west over river

Saturday 4th February – large numbers of pink footed goose, 4 turnstone, buzzard, 2 marsh harrier, bullfinch calling near fort.

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January 2023

Monday 30th January – Stonechat near lighthouses, 2 marsh harrier, buzzard seen over strays and in paddock. Coal tit, blue tit, great tit, long-tailed tit and goldcrest in woods. Woodcock near fort.

Saturday 28th January – 2 stonechat along floodbank opposite B&B. Buzzard, 20 redwings in the paddock area, an adult peregrine near the lighthouses, 7 white fronted geese, marsh harrier and a goldcrest in the woods.

Friday 27th January 48 white fronted goose at river entrance to main stray, 4 gadwall on river. A coal tit in the woods, 7 turnstones on the edge of the river, 3 yellowhammers over, 2 marsh harriers, a bullfinch near the fort. From the hide a mixed feeding flock included 10 yellowhammers, linnets and reed buntings, also a rock pipit.

Monday 23rd January – A flock of 7 fieldfare over, the greylag flock also contained 22 white fronted geese, a few ringed plovers and grey plovers, at least 20 avocets went east, 1000+ pink feet geese on the salt marsh, good views of a common buzzard, a pair of stonechats feeding along the flood bank, at least 14 corn bunting seen again, single yellowhammer over, song thrush, lots of rooks, 2 common snipe, redwing, coal tit and a flock of 60+ curlews landed on the strays.

Saturday 21st January – Difficult in the misty conditions with a flock of corn bunting over, 2 tree sparrows near the farm, a perched common buzzard and good numbers of rook around.

Friday 20th January – A calling coal tit heard, 3 turnstones, a single drake goldeneye west, marsh harrier and a grey seal. Around the paddock, common buzzard, at least 4 redwings, fieldfare and 2 song thrushes.

Monday 16th January – A pair of redpoll over, on the strays 10 white fronted geese, 2 pink feet and a handful of greylags. Very quiet with 200+ dunlin, 2 turnstone, 4 grey plover and 4 black tailed godwits.

Friday 13th January – The goose flock included 8 white fronts and at least 10 pink feet, also marsh harrier, 84 pink feet over, 9 red legged partridge, a calling water rail neat the pond and a goldcrest.

Monday 9th January – Good numbers of long tailed tits around, good views of a goldcrest, 2 sparrowhawks, 4 bar tailed godwits, a distant flock of goldeneye on the river, 4 pink feet and 8 white fronted geese on the strays, 4 turnstone and a coal tit.

Friday 6th January – Around 12 avocets on Hedon Haven, 2 grey herons, marsh harrier, 8 turnstones, 3 cormorants past, 4 pink feet geese on the strays and a coal tit. On the pond a kingfisher spent 5 minutes fishing before heading out over the strays.

Monday 2nd January – 8 White-fronted Geese in with the Greylags, 2 Merlin, 3 Buzzard and a Marsh Harrier, Water Rail calling near the Stables, 51 Avocet, female Kingfisher mid-Strays, Cetti’s Warbler calling in the scrub. 2 Coal Tit at the Paddock, Siskin at the Church, 3 Snow Bunting and 21 Corn Bunting mid-Strays. 6 yellow hammer. Peregrine from hide, 12 stock doves, a drake pintail and 2 mistle thrush

Sunday 1st January – a single oystercatcher on the carpark field, 5 black tailed godwits, 2 pink feet and 10 white fronted geese among the greylags, a single yellowhammer over the lighthouse, 6 roe deer and good views of a ringtail hen harrier hunting over the saltmarsh and strays for half an hour.

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December 2022

Thursday 29th December – The flock of white fronted geese still in with the greylags, a marsh harrier and another 2 across the river, a flock of at least 20 ringed plovers and a woodcock past.

Tuesday 27th December – A flock of long tailed tits in the woods, at least 4 white fronted geese in the greylag flock, on the strays as the tide fell hundreds of golden plover, a handful of grey plover, 30+ bar tailed godwit, a black tailed godwit and a single avocet. Also at least 14 ringed plover on the edge of the river, 5 turnstone and 2 drake pintail past. A carrion crow was eating the remains of a curlew, and 3 marsh harriers were seen, one across the river.

Saturday 24th December – A flock of 31 fieldfare over, still pink feet and white fronted geese among the greylags, by the farm a flock of 6 tree sparrows, in the fields rooks and redwing feeding, by the set aside 5 yellowhammers, 6 corn bunting and the water pipit present again.

Friday 23rd December – A few bar and black tailed godwits around, pink feet and white fronted still in the mixed goose flock, a water rail calling from the reed bed nearest to the lighthouse and a female goldeneye flew past.

Thursday 22nd December – Odd redwing and fieldfare around, a flock of 15 turnstone, 6 pink feet geese, 10 white fronted geese, along the far side 2 water rails calling, also marsh harrier and a single avocet.

Saturday 17th December – Among the greylag flock, 6 pink feet geese and at least 8 white front geese, apart from that the usual wildfowl and common waders including a few grey plovers.

Friday 16th December – A stoat took a rabbit after a long chase and was harried by a pair of crows which appeared to share meal, a single oystercatcher seen, 12 white fronted and 4 pink feet geese present, a pair of gadwall off the lighthouse, a mistle thrush, tree sparrow, common buzzard, and a water rail calling from the reedbed on the far side of the strays. Also 3 mute swans over the strays and good numbers of rooks feeding in the new sheep field.

Spot the white-fronted geese!

Monday 12th December – Surprisingly 3 chiffchaffs around the fort entrance, small numbers of grounded redwings and fieldfares, a woodcock across the fields on the far side and a cettis’s warbler working its way along the ditch near the pond where a water rail was also calling. Near the lighthouse a kestrel took a dunlin off the river edge before eating it head first.

Sunday 11th December13 White-fronted Geese dropped into the basin from the east and settled with 136 Greylags. A pair of Shoveler, 137 Redwing where scattered around the area. A Redpoll went over and a single Yellowhammer and 6 Corn Buntings flew from the set aside to feed on the Strays

Saturday 10th December – 2 Shags came in from the West and dropped onto the river off the lighthouses for ten minutes before continuing East. Lots of grounded Geese due to the fog with 5 White-fronted Geese in the basin with a lot of pink-feet at first light and 112 Greylags. A female Merlin perched on the edge of the cut. 5 Tree Sparrows at the farm, a male Yellowhammer in the set aside and a Redpoll went over. Grey Wagtail over.

Thursday 8th December – A Red-throated Diver went upriver followed shortly by a Great Northern Diver, before u-turning at Goxhill and going back out. A female Pintail and 3 Shoveler hunkered down on the cut. A Peregrine and 5 Marsh Harriers. 70 Redwings where on the reserve and 350+ Fieldfare appeared mid-day. Only 1 Corn Bunting today

Wednesday 7th December – 4 female Tufted Duck west and 32 Goldeneye moved back upriver. A female Merlin. Single Avocet along the shoreline. A Woodcock went west through the village. 3 Tree Sparrows at the farm, with 2 Yellowhammer and 3 Corn Bunting at the set aside

Tuesday 6th December – A family party of 5 Whooper Swans went south-east and an adult Bewick’s Swan came in from the south-east before turning north-east. 5 female Pintail went south, A female Common Scoter and a redhead Goosander went west while an impressive 94 Goldeneye relocated back upriver after tidal drift. A pair of Merlin perched together for a while before creating mayhem over the saltmarsh. 25 Snipe circled the Strays basin, A male Stonechat was feeding near the white lighthouse, 14 Corn Buntings where on the mid Strays

Monday 5th December – A female Pintail on the cut, 3 Gadwall and 19 Goldeneye went west with 5 redhead Goosanders going east. Single Avocet. A Grey Wagtail a the pump house, 41 Redwing, 5 Tree Sparrow at Paull Holme farm. A Redpoll over the Fort and 5 Corn and 3 Snow Buntings on the Strays. A flock of 47 avocets on Hedon Haven, from the lighthouse a single avocet, a drake gadwall, 2 turnstone, a common scoter on the river and a single pink foot goose over.

Sunday 4th December – 6 Mute swan on the Humber, A female Pintail on the cut and 9 Goldeneye drifting off Lincolnshire. 27 Snipe circled the Strays basin. A Short-eared Owl hunkered down on the basin drain side. Up to 69 Redwings in the area and a Bullfinch in the top scrub

Saturday 3rd December – 7 Shoveler in with the Wigeon, A Water Rail calling from the small reedbed near the white Lighthouse, Grey Wagtail going west. The Mistle Thrush still at Paull Holme farm along with a Tree Sparrow. Single Redpoll over. A male Yellowhammer near the Top Scrub with another at the set aside along with a Corn Bunting. 20 avocets on Hedon Haven, both porpoise and seal seen, a male bullfinch in the fort scrub, odd song thrush and 6 ringed plover.

Friday 2nd December – A herd of 34 Mute Swans on the river off the Lighthouses early on before flying off south, An immature male Shoveler and a female Common Scoter on the river with Wigeon and Teal. Adult female Peregrine, 13 Snipe, 22 Redwing, 7 Song Thrush and 6 Fieldfare in the area with a Mistle Thrush still at the farm. 3 Tree Sparrows. 6 Snow Buntings over the far Strays, also 19 Yellowhammers and 15 Corn Buntings. A couple of siskins over, 2 drake pochard(record shot below) among the rafts of wigeon and teal, also 3 tufted duck and a 2 pintail.9 pink feet geese over and a grey wagtail along the bottom path from the carpark.

Thursday 1st December – 29 Whooper Swans went south in two flocks (22 + 7), 9 Shoveler on the cut Female Merlin, A Water Rail calling at Paull Holme farm, 71 Redwing and a Fieldfare in the area. 2 Redpoll and a Siskin east, 2 Yellowhammer and 3 Corn Bunting in the set aside. A drake goldeneye off the riverside carpark, 2 bullfinch, a drake pintail, 2 snow buntings west over the lighthouse, 4 redpoll over, and on the far side of the strays a flock  of 19 snow buntings, 80+ pink feet geese over.

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November 2022

Wednesday 30th November – 3 Bean Geese flew in from Lincolnshire, over the basin and continued east, 119 Greylag Geese in the basin, A redhead Goosander went west, A pair of Merlin over the saltmarsh, A water Rail at Paull Holme farm, Mistle Thrush still at the Farm along with 12 Redwing and a Fieldfare, Tree Sparrow up to 5

Monday 28th November – A family party of 6 White-fronted Geese fed on the Strays basin with 193 Greylag Geese, 3 Sparrowhawks trying hard to hunt in the thick fog. An impressive (for the time of year) 42 Avocets in the basin at high tide, with 7 Snipe over. A Grey Wagtail dropped in. Mistle thrush was still at Paull Holme farm and 208 Fieldfare fed at the top end of the Strays. Single Siskin over. 4 Yellowhammer and 3 Corn Buntings where in the set aside

Saturday 26th November – 202 Greylag geese in the Basin with another 15 south, A male Shoveler on the cut and a pair of Gadwall east, 3 Sparrowhawks, 2 late Swallows spent all morning hawking insects at the entrance to High Paull road, A mistle Thrush was still at Paull Holme farm, 63 Redwing and 3 Fieldfare, 2 tree Sparrows at Paull Holme farm, 2 Redpoll east with a Siskin at the Fort and a further 18 west

Friday 25th November – Small flocks of redwing, fieldfares and skylarks overhead, several hundred lapwings, a few black tailed godwits, a small flock of pink feet geese, 4 siskins over and a single goldcrest in the woods.

Update from Simon – 11 Pintail went south and a male Common Scoter west, Female Merlin over the saltmarsh, 2 calling Water Rails on the reserve, 7 Knot in with the Dunlins, An adult Little Gull fed mid-river before drifting out east, 13 Redwing and 43 Fieldfare in the area with a Mistle Thrush at Paull Holme farm, 2 Tree Sparrows at the farm with single Siskin and redpoll east

Monday 21st November – A single redpoll over and an impressive flock of 42 twite spent a few minutes over the strays and lighthouse before heading off east, also 12 turnstone and 6 common snipes. On the far side of the strays a flock of 3 yellowhammers, 8 corn bunting, a single rock, several meadow pipits but no sign of the water pipit.

Sunday 20th November – A large flock of teal and mallard flew across the strays onto the river with at least 6 pintails. A mink was seen well in the main drain adjacent to the gas plant, also 12 common snipe and a sparrowhawk, with several small flocks of redwing and fieldfare along with a small flock of tree sparrows near the farm. In the puddles on the edge of the set aside field the recently reported water pipit showed well, bathing along with a mixture of meadow and rock pipits. Also, a flock of 8 corn bunting were seen again, a water rail was heard calling from the ditch near the pond, also a marsh harrier and 3 more drake pintail.

Update from Simon – 3 Pintail flew west, A Water Rail called from a small reed bed near the top path, A Woodcock again in the Top Scrub and a whisp of 23 Snipe circled the basin, 183 Fieldfare passed inland with a few Redwings and 63 Blackbirds where scattered around

Saturday 19th November – A flock of 20+ common scoter went east along with a drake tufted duck which was seen several times in the morning. A distant little auk went west at 9.30 followed swiftly by a drake goosander, female pintail and a drake goldeneye. A single brent goose went east, marsh harrier, 6 pintail, 4 redpoll over, a shoveller, drake gadwall and a pink foot goose. Later 2 bullfinchs were over the fort, 3 more brent goose east and 20+ avocets on Hedon Haven.

Update from Simon – A single Dark-bellied brent Goose east, A male Shoveler went east and 21 Pintail where along the shoreline, A male Tufted Duck went west and a female ‘blogged’ on the Humber with a flock of 25 Common Scoter, A female Goldeneye drifted with the Wigeons, A Woodcock in the Top Scrub, 2 Little Auk flew east along the shoreline and 2 Kittiwake went west, A late Swallow zipped through the village as the early morning rain eased off, 4 Redpoll

Friday 18th November – a few redwing and fieldfare, a male marsh harrier, 2 turnstone, a stonechat near the pond and in the woods at least 6 woodcocks present. Update from Simon – A Red-throated Diver went west, 5 Whooper Swans and 2 Dark-bellied Brent Geese west, 4 Shoveler, a drake Gadwall and 28 Pintail on the cut with a further 14 Pintail west, 9 Goldeneye and a lone Common Scoter west, 2 Avocet briefly along the shore, 530 Redwing and 107 Fieldfare passed over, 2 Redpoll where at the car park pond and a pair of Yellowhammer at the Riding School

Monday 14th November – A few redwings and fieldfare over the woods, on the strays a drake gadwall, single knot and a mixture of bar and black tailed godwits with small flocks of pink feet geese over. A drake eider flew east and at least 5 shovellers were among the teal and wigeon. A red kite drifted slowly over the strays, several small flocks of brent geese went east and west, a goosander went west and a tufted duck east. A flock of 10 redpoll passed over, also a grey wagtail and a flock of 14 eider went east, including 10 drakes.

Update from Simon A few Whooper Swans calling in the fog, from the Saltmarsh, but not seen, 12 Brent Geese milling around in two flocks of 7 and 5, 10 Shoveler went east and a further 4 slept on the cut along with a male Gadwall, 19 Pintail and a female Tufted Duck, A Red Kite east over the basin, 2 Water Rails calling in the back ditch, A Water Pipit was bathing with a mixed flock of Rock and Meadow Pipits, Linnets and Reed Buntings in the muddy puddles at the set aside. The pair of Stonechats were at the Gas Plant, 120 Fieldfare and 109 Redwing passed over, A single Mistle Thrush was at Paull Holme farm along with 2 Tree Sparrows, A Brambling dropped into the bushes at the Car Park Pond and 12 Redpoll were in the area. 2 Corn Bunting in the back ditch hedgerow

Saturday 12th November – 12 avocets on the strays along with 66 greylag geese, 40 grey plovers and a large flock of 200+ pink feet geese. Cetti’s warbler heard near the farm, a small mixed flock of redwing and fieldfare and at least 5 little egrets. A flock of 5 corn buntings were roughly half way to the hide, a flock of 30 fieldfare over, 5 rock pipits on the corner of the strays, 5 pintail including a drake off the hide, 2 siskins over, 6 redpoll and a yellowhammer near the farm on the way back.

Update from Simon – 6 Gadwall (2 west and 4 on the Humber shore) along with15 Pintail on the cut, 6 Common Scoter flying around before settling on the river, 2 Peregrine and a female Merlin over the saltmarsh, 12 Avocets were in the basin and a Ruff flew west with a few Black-tailed Godwits, A pair of Stonechat at the Stables, A Bullfinch at the Fort with 6 Redpoll and 3 Siskin east, A male Yellowhammer at the Lighthouses

Friday 11th November – 9 Pintail and 3 Shoveler on the cut

Monday 7th November – Amongst good numbers of wigeon and teal; at least 3 pintails and a drake shoveller. Small flocks of pink feet passing west, a single flock of 50+ fieldfares, 2 marsh harrier and a few grey plovers among the golden plovers and lapwings.

Sunday 6th November – A huge 37 pintail on the cut and along the shoreline, A Kingfisher flew east along the Humber, A first-winter/ female Black Redstart near the boat yard on Hedon Haven

Saturday 5th November – Pintail up to 18 on the cut, 4 Marsh Harrier over the Saltmarsh, 116 Redwing in or over the area, 4 Redpoll

Friday 4th November25 whooper swans heading south over river, 2 sparrowhawks around fort being mobbed by crows, marsh harrier, buzzard, kestrel, stonechat near red lighthouse, siskin over, bullfinch calling at fort, 83 fieldfare, several small flocks of pink footed goose, bar-tailed godwit. Large numbers of golden plover heading west. Roe deer on strays, large white butterfly on wing near vicarage.

Update from Simon – 5 Pintail on the cut, 3 Avocet n the Humber shoreline, 7 Snipe, A Mistle thrush and 2 Tree Sparrows at Paull Holme farm, Single Siskin over and 15 Redpoll in the Fort Wood. Also a Peacock butterfly in the Wood

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October 2022

Monday 31st October – A peregrine flew low over the carpark, also a siskin, a flock of 20+ pink feet geese over, 2 knot, several thousand golden plovers, 11 greenfinch over, 2 marsh harriers, redpoll and a great crested grebe went east, followed shortly afterwards by 4 young gannets. A pair of common snipe flew over the fort and a pair of siskins over the paddock area.

Sunday 30th October – A family of 6 mute swans across the river, 3 marsh harriers over the salt marsh, a flock of 40+ fieldfare over, a spotted redshank was on the strays and a red throated diver flew east past the lighthouse A pair of Shoveler south, A Water Rail jumped from the reeds into a bush at the Car Park Pond, 5 Knot on the Strays basin, A Pallid Swift flew low over at the Car Park Pond heading west, it then fed for a short while over the Riding School, 3 Mistle Thrush at Paull Holme farm, 4 Siskin and 4 Redpoll passed east, A female Yellowhammer also went east.

Very distant Pallid Swift from Paul!

Saturday 29th October – A Red-throated Diver appeared out of the murky conditions over the river and travelled west, A female Pintail, 597 Black-tailed Godwits gathered on the basin along with 26 Bar-tailed Godwits, A Chiffchaff at the Fort, A single Brambling and a pair of Bullfinch at the Fort with a single Siskin and 42 Redpoll east in small groups

Friday 28th October – A pair of Gadwall and a female Pintail, A great total of 134 Bar-tailed Godwits, 13 Rock pipits around the lighthouses, the lone Fieldfare still around, A Cetti’s Warbler singing near the Riding School, 3 Redpoll east

Thursday 27th October – A single brambling over, a flock of 9 turnstones and at least 10 rock pipits near the lighthouse. A female Shoveler on the basin, Female Merlin on the saltmarsh, 12 Snipe, A Fieldfare, 1 Siskin and 3 Redpoll east

Monday 24th October – A peregrine flew over the carpark, a flock of 20+ redwing over and a single redpoll. Also a black tailed godwit, 7 pintail around, siskin over, a flock of 100 + pink feet geese, 2 rock pipit, more redpoll including a flock of 11 birds, 200+ lapwing, 4 shovellers, more siskin with one flock of 8,  a flock of 2000+ golden plover, marsh harrier and 2 large flocks of fieldfare over.

Saturday 22nd October -The yellow browed warbler still present, very vocal but elusive, a couple of brambling over, 3 pintail over, hundreds of wigeon, 3 bar tailed godwit, 40+ lapwing, 5 turnstone and a merlin harrying waders over the salt marsh and river

11 pintail on the shoreline, A juv male Peregrine showed well off the Lighthouses before crossing the river, First Woodcock of the autumn, 9 Song Thrush,162 Redwing and 84 Fieldfare, 6 Brambling passing over and 8 Redpoll in the Fort Wood

Friday 21st October – A few skylarks and thrush flocks over, also a few goldcrests, a mistle thrush, 2 common scoters east, a gadwall in the wigeon flock, 3 pintails, odd brambling over, another common scoter east, 2 pomarine skua went slowly east, also a late hornet on the wing, and the yellow browed warbler found early morning was still present briefly at 1.00pm by the car park.

A Brent Goose went upriver early on, eventually coming back east, 8 Common Scoter e inland over the Church in the murk, A pair of Gadwall and 5 Pintail on the shore with the Wigeon and Teal, 4 Sparrowhawks at the Fort not knowing which Redwing to chase! A Short-eared Owl drifted west over the Fort. Single Mistle Thrush at the Fort, 15 Song Thrush scattered around along with 156 redwing and 20 Fieldfare, A Yellow-browed Warbler showed well early on near the Fishermans Car Park, 4 Brambling passed over east also 3 Siskin and a Redpoll, A male Bullfinch in the Fort Wood.

Saturday 15th October – A family party of 3 Pale-bellied Brent Geese on Hedon Haven then out back East later on, 7 Pintail on the Cut, 5 Shoveler w, 2 Common Scoter e and 9 Goosander w inland over the Church, A Ruff passed through with a few Black-tailed Godwits, Little Owl sunbathing on the Beverly at the Fort, 3 Mistle Trush and a Fieldfare at the Fort with c.90 Redwing passing over, Single Coal Tit still around, 3 Redpoll w, A pair of Yellowhammers near the stables

Friday 14th October – Pintail 14, Adult Peregrine hunting the saltmarsh, 4 Stonechats at the Gas Plant, A Mistle Thrush at the Church, A Coal Tit, 21 Siskin and 5 Redpoll e

Wednesday 11th October – bearded tit calling again, 3 brent goose, 300+ black-tailed godwit west over strays in flocks of 40-60 birds, 5 avocet west, blackcap at fort.

Black-tailed godwit

Monday 10th October – A tree sparrow showed well near the fort entrance, overhead a small flock of redwing, also a redpoll, a brambling and a singing chiffchaff. From the lighthouse 12 bar tailed godwits, small numbers of black tailed godwits and a few grey plovers. Several decent flocks of starlings passed by in the morning, a bearded tit was seen and heard several times along the strays reedbeds between the white lighthouse and the corner of the strays, possible more than one bird present. A flock of 4 brent geese were seen, good numbers of wigeon and teal, a single pink feet goose, also a flock of 3 pintails went west, as did a single knot. Later 3 common buzzards were seen, another 2 pintails west, a tame flock of long tailed tits and a common snipe. A red admiral was also on the wing.

Brent Goose
Brent Goose
Pink footed goose
Long-tailed tit

Sunday 9th October – 5 pale-bellied brent geese showed well on the edge of the Humber, a common snipe over, at least 2 rock pipits, 7 pintails went west over the strays, 15 jackdaws over and a probable bearded tit heard near the white lighthouse. update from Simon – Adult Mediterranean Gull on the basin, A Common Tern e, 18 Skykarks s, 4 Siskin e, A Yellowhammer s

Saturday 8th October – a flock of 4 siskins went over, good numbers of pink feet geese, mainly heading west, grey wagtail, 17 bar tailed godwits, a marsh harrier, single redpoll, 3 little egrets, a single whooper swan flew west along the river, 2 yellowhammers. On the far side of the strays a cetti’s warbler was calling, 250+ golden plover, common buzzard and a chiffchaff. update from Simon – A Curlew Sandpiper, 25 Skykarks s, Single Swallow at the Old Vicarage, 3 Redwing, A Coal Tit at the Fort, Single Redpoll and Siskin e,

Friday 7th October – update from Simon – 4 juv Gannets w {didn’t come back), 2 Pale-bellied Brent Geese w then on the Humber, 200+ Teal w with 10 Pintail s, 5 Tufted Duck w, A Grey Phalarope east along the shoreline off the lighthouses, 11 Siskin over. A queen Hornet fighting a losing battle against the wind at the lighthouse

Sunday 2nd October – A brambling near the fort entrance again, flocks of pink feet still going over, a yellowhammer flew over, odd swallow, 6 turnstones, a pair of bullfinch over, single redpoll, several skylarks heading south, at least 10 little egrets around the site, 24 grey plover, a stonechat, and good views of a Arctic skua heading west. Migrant hawker and the odd white butterfly still on the wing.

update from Simon – 12 Little Egrets on the Strays basin, A Whimbrel, 44 Skylarks pushing w – s/w, 2 Grey Wagtails s. Still 2 Swallows, A Stonechat, 3 Redwing at the Fort, 4 Tree Sparrows at the Gas Plant, A bullfinch at the Fort

Saturday 1st October – A redpoll over the carpark, a single brambling near the fort entrance, good flocks of pink feet mainly heading west, several flocks of redwing, common tern east, a flock of 20+ avocets also east, two flocks of goosander west totalling 7 birds and a flock of 8 grey plover.

update from Simon – A Pintail on the Strays basin, 6 Snipe and 4 Ruff, A juv Spotted Redshank, A Guillemot hunkered down from the wind on the cut, 7 Swallows still feeding over the Strays basin, A Grey Wagtail s, A Tree Pipit e and the 1st returning Rock Pipit of the autumn. 2 Common Dolphins off the lighthouses

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September 2022

Friday 30th September – update from Simon – 8 Pintail e, 180 Wigeon w, Female merlin, 13 Snipe and a Ruff, 1 Whimbrel, Arctic Skua loafing around again, Single Sandwich Tern w and a Common Tern e, A Richard’s Pipit dropped onto the Saltmarsh off the Lighthouses from the north, 300 + Redwing pushing w, Single Redpoll w

Monday 26th September – A single chiffchaff, still the odd swallow around, a hobby heading west up-river, and a single pink foot goose seen several times. Good numbers of waders on the strays with 18 bar tailed godwits, 4 knot, 10 grey plover and 2 little stints showed well. At 9.35 a whale showed too briefly heading east on the falling tide but could not be re-located. Also, a single yellow wagtail,  a pintail off the lighthouses, 5 avocets west and a couple of Arctic skuas bothered gulls for 30 minutes off the lighthouse.

Sunday 25th September – update from Simon – A female Merlin and a juv Peregrine over the saltmarsh, Single Common Sandpiper, An Arctic Skua drifting on the Humber, 300+ Redwing w, 2 Stonechat, A Cetti’s Warbler singing at Paull Holme farm, 1 Siskin w

Saturday 24th September – A male blackcap seen, 17 grey plovers, 6 turnstone, 11 swallows, 4 knot, a few skylarks heading south, a single avocet, 2 common buzzards, coal tit and good views of a marsh harrier drifting west.

update from Simon – A Curlew Sandpiper and 6 Knot, Little Owl calling at the Fort Pines, 2 Grey Wagtails s, 8 Stonechat

Ringed plover

Friday 23rd September – update from Simon – 23 Pintail and 3 Red-breasted Merganser w, Greenshank 1, 3 juv Little Stints and 2 Curlew Sandpipers off the Lighthouses, At least 6 Arctic Skuas on the river, 20 Common and 3 Arctic Tern ‘blogging’, A Little Owl perched on the plane at the Fort, A Grey Wagtail over, Wheatear 1 juv

Sunday 18th September– update from Simon – A Red-throated Diver pushing upriver then gaining hight and disappearing w, At least 600+ Pink-feet coming in, An eclipse male Eider w before settling on the river, A Common Sandpiper and my first Green Sandpiper of the year, Stonechats up to 3 Spotted Flycatcher now at the Fort

Saturday 17th September – spotted flycatcher near entrance to Fort Paull, common sandpiper, several chiffchaffs around, a few swallows, 4 bar tailed godwits, 5 turnstone, 4 wigeon and 2 common buzzards. Insects included 3 commas, red admiral, common darter and a migrant hawker.

update from Simon – A female Hen Harrier hunting the Strays basin before going w, A Curlew Sandpiper and a Common Sandpiper, 2 Stonechats, A Spotted Flycatcher briefly behind the church, A Coal Tit at the Stables

Friday 16th September- update from Simon – The first returning Pink-footed Geese of the autumn with 160+ passing from the north – north/east, A Shoveler, 2 Common Tern w, 2 Stonechats and 4 Goldcrests

Spotted flycatcher
Spotted flycatcher

Thursday 15th September – 3 or 4 chiffchaffs seen, 3 wigeon, a common sandpiper again, 2 whimbrels, in excess of 150 pink feet geese went west, yellow wagtails, a porpoise feeding in close, 5 common buzzards together over Paull farm,  a greenshank, single avocet, 55 bar tailed godwits, single knot, 7 black tailed godwits and a flock of 70+ curlew went east. A single comma also seen.

Wedenesday 15th September – 83 pink footed goose, 12 wigeon, 9 teal.


Tuesday 14th September – Several chiffchaffs around with at least 2 singing, also blackcap, goldcrest, a calling bullfinch, house martins and swallows in good numbers. By the lighthouse a wheatear seen, grey wagtail over, a family of 5 yellow wagtails, 2 whimbrel and a common sandpiper. Painted lady.


Monday 12th September – A single common tern over the strays, at least 39 bar tailed godwits past, 7 black tailed godwits, common sandpiper, a single sand martin among a few swallows and house martins, 2 whimbrel, 7 wigeon, 26 golden plover, a single brent goose went east, 2 lapwing on the strays and at least 2 pintail in with a flock of wigeon.


Sunday11th September – Singing chiffchaff and bullfinches near the fort, 2 Arctic tern past, a single sanderling in a flock of dunlin, 2 whimbrel, grey wagtail, wheatear, 2 shovellers on the strays, a single sand martin, 26 wigeon, 50+ teal, 7 avocets west, both species of godwits and 3 curlew sandpipers off the lighthouse area.

update from Simon – Shoveler 2, 4 Curlew Sandpiper and a Sanderling, 4 Common Sandpiper, 322 Black-tailed Godwit and 5 Whimbrel, 1st-winter Mediterranean Gull again, My first Grey Wagtail of the year!, A Mistle Thrush at the Church, 3 Goldcrests at the Lorry Yard were the first of the autumn

Saturday 10th September – 4 bar tailed godwits, a wigeon, whimbrel, common sandpiper, a single sanderling, 5 turnstone, greenshank, 7 avocets west, an adult Mediterranean gull, calling siskin, a Arctic skua went east, 20+ teal, a whinchat briefly and a common buzzard.

update from Simon – Curlew Sandpiper 1, Ruff 8, Greenshank 3, Bar-tailed Godwit 57, Common Sandpiper 9 (6 n Hedon Haven), Juv Pomarine and Arctic Skuas on the river, A 1st-winter Mediterranean Gull, A juv Stonechat

Friday 9th September –  update from Simon – Waders included 2 Ruff, a Sanderling, 2 Common Sandpipers and a Curlew Sandpiper, An adult yellow-legged Gull on the Strays basin, Common Tern 7 ‘blogging’, Barn Owl, Wheatear

Thursday 8th September – A common swift over the woods, wheatear, 6 turnstone, 2 common buzzards over followed by 2 adult Mediterranean gulls, 30 + ringed plovers, a hobby catching a couple of dragonflies, curlew sandpiper and 3 reed warblers still present in the lighthouse reed bed.

Sunday 4th September – 2 greenshanks, whimbrel,  a few yellow wagtails, a flock of 19 teal, 4 common scoter drifted west on the river, 30+ greylag geese over,  a single grey plover, marsh harrier across the strays, a single wigeon, 5 little egrets, single avocet, and a wheatear. Later a single guillemot flew close to the lighthouse heading out east, a juvenile Arctic skua then drifted west up the river and lastly 4 pink feet geese went past.

update from Simon – A Great White Egret on the Strays basin with 4 Little Egrets briefly before crossing the river to Lincolnshire, A Ruff and 4 Knot, Greenshank 3, the last Swift of the year going south, Kingfisher

A Garden Warbler and 2 Lesser Whitethroats at the Fort, A Grasshopper Warbler near the Gas Plant

Saturday 3rd September – A singing chiffchaff heard, a whinchat briefly by the fort, an adult gannet drifting on the river, a black tern went east, at least 4 common swifts overhead, 4 common terns east, also greenshank, a ruff east, a sandwich tern east, 7 turnstone and a sanderling within a flock of dunlin flew past. Also 2 knot where present and at least 2 wheatears.

update from Simon – An adult Gannet drifting on the Humber, Teal 163 w, Common Sandpiper 4, Whimbrel 5, Sanderling 2, Ruff 18 on Hedon Haven, Sandwich Tern 1 w, Common Tern 4 e, Black Tern 1 e, Wheatear 1

Friday 2nd September – A singing chiffchaff present, yellow wagtails, black and bar tailed godwits seen, 200+ golden plover, a common swift, 3 common snipe, common sandpiper, greenshank, a single knot and a whimbrel. Also, a small movement of teal involving at least 60 birds, 2 common scoters east, a few terns past with both Arctic and common terns, wheatear, and a bullfinch near the fort.

update from Simon – Common Scoter 5e, Knot 1, Ruff 1, Common Sandpiper 2, Greenshank 1,Juv Med Gull w, Sandwich Tern 1 w, Common Tern 4 w, Arctic Tern 24 w, 16 e, ‘Commic’ Tern 5 w, Wheatear 2

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