June 2013

29th June 2013 – Little egret, peregrine, 40+ curlew, avocet, hunting barn owl and 2 grey heron. Butterflies more productive with 92 meadow brown, 5 large skipper, 4 common blue and 2 small heath. On the pond 5 4 spot chasers, 2 azure damselfly and a blue tailed damselfly.

24th June 2013 – looks like things are picking up a bit with the following seen, mainly in fields off the Stray’s. Little egret, 1 yellow wagtail overhead, 3 grey heron, a steady if small stream of swifts all heading east, 5 avocet, 5 redshank, 110 curlew and 140 bar tailed godwit.

The new fence hasn’t been put to good use as yet but to make at least some use of it we have started a ‘fence’ list, including this shot of oystercatchers taken by Paul. It doesn’t take much to keep us happy!

23th June 2013 – 3 separate flocks of swifts with 150+ in total.

16th June 2013 – moderate SW, warm: roe deer on flood bank, little egret, avocet, grey plover, little owl near Fort Paull. Small heath, common blue, orange tip.

4 four-spot chaser, 3 azure damselfly, common blue damselfly & blue-tailed damselfly all around car park pond.

15th June 2013 – moderate SW, warm: little egret.

9th June 2013 – very quiet for waders, roe deer on Humber shore, several porpoises feeding, 1 canada in a flock of 40 greylag, Paull church a tawny owl mobbed by blackbirds.

8th June 2013 – little grebe on pond, single knot, 4 avocet, sandwich tern, 2 little egret, 2 yellow wagtail, whimbrel, a flock of 7 cormorant.

2nd June 2013 – light N – I’ve just returned from watching White-tailed eagles on Skye and Paul from watching Lammergeier in the Spanish Pyrenees, whooper swan and buzzard at Paull today. oh hum! 

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2 Responses to June 2013

  1. Leo lion says:

    Hi Pete. I know what you mean. I dont know if Paul told you but Me Erich and Martin Lonsdale had the Whooper 310513 along with two little Egret, 45 Tundra Ringed Plover and a Dunlin.
    The two little Egrets showed again today also, as did a Bar-tailed Godwit and one Avocet out on the sands.



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