The Strays

Paull Holme Strays has been created by the Environment Agency as part of a flood risk management scheme and the site provides approximately 200 acres of new intertidal habitat and is supplemented by the wide expanse of the Paull Holme Sands mudflats.

The salt marsh, lagoons and mud flats teem with waders and other water birds and are an important refuge for migratory birds.

They also attract a wide variety of mammals, from Roe Deer to Water Voles and just about everything else in between. The specialised vegetation of this type of habitat is rapidly establishing itself since the original river embankment was breached in 2003, and as the salt marsh develops, the variety of wild life – birds, insects, mammals and amphibians – is increasing.

The Bloggers

We are Peter & Paul Martin, two local birdwatchers who have been visiting Paull Holme Strays and surrounding area since 2004

We have visited the site over 700 times (some say we must be mad!). During this time, whilst we are by no means scientific birdwatchers, we have created extensive records of species seen on the site (this is the royal ‘we’ by the way, most of the record keeping has been done by Paul!)

We are both keen photographers but unfortunately the Strays do not often provide good photo opportunities as the birds are normally quite distant. We do get the occasional posing bird and take record shots of anything unusual where possible. The hide can be productive at high tide and spectacular sunsets and ‘skyscapes’ often give some relief to the frustration of being just that little bit too far away from the birds!

Please follow the tabs above where you will find useful information, trip reports, record lists and photographs.

We hope you find the site of interest and we would welcome any comments or feedback, including your own sightings and photographs. Please e-mail any sightings and photographs to

8 Responses to The Strays

  1. Brian Osbourne says:

    Great pictures, easy to navigate site. Very professional!

  2. Brian Whincup says:

    Found your site by accident as just checking Paull Strays out, used to visit the hide myself quite often, intend to again.Enjoyed looking at your photos and reading your species lists, very jealous. Keep up the good work. BrianW

  3. Jeff Cox says:

    I look forward to visiting next week when I’m over on the East coast again. This site gives useful info on visiting times and conditions – thanks for this guys 🙂

  4. Brian Whincup says:

    Enjoyed looking at your blog very much. Used to visit the Strays quite a bit but havent been for a couple of years, made me think of visiting again. Keep up the good work, Guys.

    • Peter Martin says:

      Thanks for your feedback Brian, glad you like the blog, please let us know if you have anything to report if you visit the site.
      Peter & Paul

  5. Ray Green says:

    I was brought up in Paull during the 1950/60’s, the Strays was one of the many wonderful local places in which I was fortunate to spend my childhood days . I am now in my 60’s and primarily a walker with an interest in all wildlife. I usually visit the hide three times a week and never cease to be surprised how different each day can be because of the varying tides, changing weather or the variety of wildlife. .I find your site very well designed, interesting and informative. Your excellent photos have helped me to identify various birds that I have seen on my walks including the Snow bunting and more recently the Cuckoo.
    Great stuff, keep it up! .

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